Sunday, 29 April 2012

re:VOX #15 - phew, there in the end!

It's been a pretty busy week here at A Distant Beacon. Not only have we just mailed out the majority of pre-sold issues of re:VOX, but I've just this afternoon despatched an e-mail containing a long sweated over VIBS - that's a Very Important Book Submission to me :) Finger's crossed they'll be something interesting to add here in a few months time - if not, it was worth a shot. I really do believe that, by the way, if there's something you'd like to do, then do it. Better to fail than not try at at all.

Amazingly it's been just over a year since the previous issue of re:VOX came out. What a difference a year makes! Last time around we were reporting that Ultravox had started recording a new album in late 2010, and now the results of thse efforts will be with us within weeks. I think that it's going to be worth the wait judging by the all-out, brain-sticking catchiness of lead single and title track Brilliant... as indeed I hope our present issue was too. Hopefully you'll find the new format allows us a bit more space to present photos more attractively than before.

Anyway, I have other projects already shouting out for my attention, and more than a bit of pre-prep to do for the next issue of re:VOX (so we have a main feature to hang everything else around), so I'll catch you all soon, and in the meantime... keep talk-ing!


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