Friday, 7 December 2012

A Brilliant year!

Well, it's certainly been the year of Brilliant, what with the Ultravox album of that name; a later, sumptuous clear vinyl two LP set of the album; a download single of Live with extra tracks; their 27 song strong UK tour dates, and the special tour CD released just days after their Hammersmith Apollo gig at the end of September!

And it's been a fun year for re:VOX magazine as well; not only with trying to keep up with everything that's been going on, but also in providing some fresh features to provide some variety and surprises along the way. As ever, a huge thanks must go to everyone who's contributed photos and text over the past year's four editions!

And in celebration of our twelfth birthday (just wait until our terrible teens at the end of 2013!) not only do we have a choice of two covers on the front of the new issue that's just gone on sale today (although don't worry, the other image appears on the back cover too) - wherein Stephen Lipson talks about working with the band on their latest album - but we've also tipped in a free fold-out A3 photo poster too!

Next year? Well, unless there's some major development - and frankly you can never tell with Ultravox these days - then we'll be taking a publishing break until the late spring, with a view to publishing just three editions culminating in a very special 13th birthday edition for #21, which (numerically, at least) will see re:VOX become the longest running magazine about Ultravox... although if we're talking about the number of years an Ultravox magazine has been in print, well, we do have a few more years to go until we've passed the legendary goldmine that was EV magazine.

That's the plan :)


  1. Can't wait to get my copy Rob, it never disappoints :) Looking forward to your marathon review of Hammersmith, amongst all the other goodies ;) Don't blame you for taking a wee break, it's been such a Vox filled year, I bet you've hardly had time to think!

    I see Billy has just set up a FB account, sadly not being on there I can't say hi, so hoping that he might be tempted over to Twitter as well :)

    Hope all is well with you.
    Very best wishes

  2. Thanks Tanith, hopefully it will be with you by now!

    The review of the Hammersmith concert is a bit of an experiment. I could have written it as a standard two page feature, but then you can read that approach anywhere (as I explained to someone at the weekend who felt it was in need of an edit), but it seemed such a shame to waste all the notes I made song-by-song, so instead it's a full-immersal read-it-while-you-listen-to-the-CD concert-log ;) It may not be everyone's cuppa, I agree, but we'll never stop experimenting :) It'll be interesting to find out now if our readers think that it worked or not.

    And yes, this year really been a real rollercoaster ride personally, and not just because of the mighty 'Vox - although that's certainly been a major part of my year - and you're right, there has hardly been time to take stock until now.

    I saw that about Billy too - great news!

    Catch you soon.