Thursday, 27 November 2014

Celebrating 75 years of Marvel with a thud!

As mentioned in previous posts I was chuffed to be asked to contribute something towards Taschen's latest table-hogging XXL deluxe book: 75 Years of Marvel. The super-sized cover to Captain Britain #1 from 1976, and a smaller reproduction of The Mighty World of Marvel #1 from 1972, that appears in its pages come from my personal collection.

Admittedly, I was expecting to be asked to supply something more unusual as well, but I'm more than happy that the UK side of things has a presence within the book as well as in Roy Thomas' essay, unlike in earlier works such as the otherwise very enjoyable Les Daniels' book from some years' back now, which only seemed to mention Captain Britain due to his Excalibur connections. I was also pleased to see that a few of the UK-specific suggestions for the timeline (put together in a hurry at the last moment) have also been included in the multiple sheet fold-out timeline tucked into the back of the book - you'll probably guess which they were :)

All the double page chapter pages are printed using a metallic film process!

It's now shipping and retailing online around the £87 mark, it carries a full rrp of £135.

Meanwhile, for any US readers, it's just been announced there is to be a special signing on 5th December at: 354 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California CA 90210. Taschen are stressing that Stan and Roy will only be signing that book!

In the meantime, work on From Cents... to Pence! has resumed, with a third of the 33 chapters now ready for final proofing... even with new discoveries still coming to light all the time!


  1. Good to know that the book will see the light of day. In 2015 perhaps??

  2. I'd like to think we could get production underway, yes. It's not going to be a quick one to put together and it's definitely going to be a big beastie however you look at it :)

  3. I've seen it going for £75, but couldn't afford it at the time. It's on my list for some time this year.

  4. I can definitely recommend it for the visual content alone!